Diet Pill: Orlistat

There are a lot of people who believe in the idea that diet pills are actually very helpful when it comes to losing weight.

For those who want to lose weight, using your diet pills together with exercising might actually help you hasten the process of losing weight.

On the other hand, there are those people who would rather go the long and natural method of exercising than using medications that may create a problem in the future.


OrlistatThis diet pill is pretty much popular among many people who want to lose weight. This pill is originally created as a prescription drug called Xenical.

Through time, this drug has been already available over the counter and also in a lower dose. This diet pill is taken together with your meals. So if you eat three times a day, you will also have to take this pill three times a day.

What this pill does to your body is that it prevents you from absorbing any fat that may be found on your food. In other words, you will eventually expel the fat that you have just eaten.

With your body having the original amount of fat that it had stored before, this will be then used up for energy and will eventually be consumed thus allowing weight loss to commence.

If you will be using Orlistat every day, you will be able to block about 100 to 200 calories of fat per day but it usually depends on the amount of food that you eat.


Even if Orlistat is a mere diet pill, this type of weight loss medication also comes with a risk. If your normal diet does not consist of fatty foods, then you will not have a problem when using this diet pill.

However, if your meal contains too much fat or around at least 15 grams of fat per meal, you will be able to experience of what they call “greasy stools”.

This is the common problem that many women experience since they will be experiencing uncontrolled bowel movements because the greasy and oily stool would easily slide down the GI tract and will be expelled even without straining.

Thus those who have taken this diet pill have complained of experiences that they found spots of stools in their underwear.

Some would even just stay at home when they take in this pill because being in the public might cause them shame.

Is this pill for you?

Since this pill is quite popular among people who wish to lose weight, the experts agree that this pill is not for everyone to use.

This diet pill is highly recommended for use for those people who have a BMI of 25 or higher as this will be highly effective when people with more percentage of fat in their body use it.

If you are not that overweight but would still want to use this pill, it would still help you but the results would not be that apparent even if you have used it for a month.

Popular Testosterone Supplements

Having a beautiful and good looking body has been becoming a popular trend among men and women. Of course, who would not want to have a great body, right?

But when compared to women who want to lose weight and be slim, the male population on the other hand would love to look bigger by increasing their muscle size.

In order for them to achieve this, they would go to the gym and go on weight training for a specific group of muscles. Usually it would take them months or years before they will be able to achieve the body that they want.

In order for them to hasten this effect, some men would rather choose to use testosterone supplements since this by itself can help build the lean muscles of the body.

Aside from that, it also aids in the increase of your sex drive, decrease excess fats and also increase energy levels.

However, since there are a lot of testosterone supplement products out there, it is quite difficult to decide which among them are very effective.

So below are just some of the many products out there that you might find useful and safe.

  • Testogenix

TestogenixThe product Testogenix is considered to be a favorite product by many men. In this year alone, this product has earned the number 1 spot because of the healthy, effective and safe ingredients that they used in creating this supplement.

Thus it can be concluded that this product is safe to use even without the doctor’s prescription.

What this product does is that it has been proven to be able to safely increase your testosterone levels and achieve the goal of having a great body.

Thus it will help build you your muscle mass, muscle strength and performance. It will also help you increase your sex drive too! For only $56.95 per bottle, it will surely be of great help to you.

  • Syntheroid

Another good product that could be found out there in the market is the product called Syntheroid and this product has been chosen by a lot of consumers.

It contains the ingredients tribulusterrestris, FenuSterols and D-Aspartic acid and these products are known to be able to boost the testosterone in a safe and effective manner.

Four capsules will be able to provide your with 290mg of saponins and by saying this, the high amount of active ingredients will definitely help you in a safe and effective way. For as low as $46 per container, you will surely enjoy the effects of this product.

  • Alpha T1

This product called Alpha T1 is recommended to use according to the doctors and thus many believe in the effectiveness and safety of the product.

It contains an ingredient that does not only help increase the testosterone levels in men, it also helps in the reduction of the body fat and thus it is recommended for use to those men who wish to have both effects.

If you would like to lose those belly fats as soon as possible, then a container of this product at $40 each might probably the answer you are looking for.

Belly Weight Loss Tips

Having a fat belly is really disturbing. Aside from the fact that it is obvious and does not look good on you, it is also quite difficult to get rid of it.

According to weight loss experts, the fat around the belly is the more difficult area of fat to burn since it is a large group of muscles and that it needs a lot of energy for it to trim down.

Tips on Losing Weight around the Belly

Indeed it is quite difficult to lose the belly fat but there have been experts who had listed down the easy ways of trimming your belly down.

Below are the tips and tricks that you may do to lose weight around the belly.

  1. Exercise – According to experts, vigorous exercises helps in losing weight most especially when you want to target your abdominal region. Exercising also helps in the slowing down of the build-up muscle over the years. The most ideal routine for exercising would be 30 minutes of vigorous exercise such as jogging or running that is being done at least 4 times a week. Aside from jogging, you can also do moderate activity such as walking. You can also opt to go on doing household chores or dancing the aerobics or zumba. Anything that will increase your heart rate for about 30 minutes will truly help in losing weight. Plus exercise is also the most efficient and natural way of losing weight.
  2. dietDiet – another important tip to follow would be going on a diet. Since the food that we eat is processed thru the GI tract which is located in the abdominal region, anything that we eat too much may cause in the increase of fat around the belly region. Therefore when you start to go on a diet that is low on fat, it would usually start in trimming down the belly fat. A fiber-rich diet such as fruits and vegetables may greatly help in reducing the weight around the belly even if you don’t have to change the other eating habits that you already have.
  3. Sleep – another important factor when you want to lose weight is to get enough sleep. It has been advised that every person should get sleep around 6-8 hours per day. But recently it was found out that the number of sleep that you get a night is not that important as compared to your sleeping time. People who have an aberrant sleeping schedule tend to gain weight more since the body clock is constantly altered and will also alter the rate of metabolism. Even if you only sleep at 4 hours per night, as long as it is during the same time of the night, it will help you in preventing weight gain.
  4. Stress – lastly, stress can also help you in gaining weight. It is advisable that you could undergo stress management workshops to help you in coping up with stress easily. People who are always stressed out tend to eat more and on different times compared to those who are not.

Fact vs. Fiction of Raspberry Ketones

raspberry ketoneWith the current hype on raspberry ketones and weight loss, it is no wonder if you have heard information regarding this product already.

According to articles on the internet and from the testimonies of famous personalities, they believe that this product had great effects when helping in the weight loss of a person even without going to the sports gym for exercise and creating a diet plan.

However according to proper studies and researches, they have not yet discovered a correlation on how this product could help in the weight loss in humans.

But one problem with this product is that many manufacturers have taken the opportunity of using this product to gain the attention and money of the people by claiming that it will make you look beautiful.

But it is not right if you don’t know the truth about this product before you use it. Many people have already wasted their money on this product because of the belief that this is a miracle product.

But before you finally give up your cash on the raspberry ketones, here are some things that you might need to know before purchasing one.

Raspberry Ketone Claims

Many have said that this product is a miracle product. It is considered to be the newest weight loss breakthrough.

With just a month of using this product, they would tell you that it helps in the burning of excess fat and help in the increasing your energy to sustain you in a day of work.

It primarily advertises itself and claims that it can help lose weight by increasing metabolism and cutting down the formation of excess fat in the body.

Other claims of this product believes that it also has an anti-aging effect thus it can be used by those people who want an over-all great body effect and beautiful looking skin and face.

It is said to contain anti-oxidants to prevent you from experiencing the effects of aging.

Fact vs. Fiction

Many believe that this product is gathered from the natural habitat of raspberries. But many people do not know that this raspberry ketone is actually manufactured in the lab.

It is quite deceiving since many product manufacturers claim that this product is natural and organic.

Some famous personalities have claimed in television that this product is truly effective. They even state some studies to support the effectiveness of this product.

They presented testimonies from trusted people and evidences of before and after photos when they used the product.

However according to the experts, testimonies of people regardless if they are famous or not is enough to conclude the effectiveness of the product since this is not considered to be a scientific basis.

Therefore raspberry ketones are not backed up by scientific studies.

There are those who believe that indeed, this raspberry ketone product is a miracle pill and is able to help you in weight loss and fighting the signs of aging.

However there is truly no such thing because the best way to lose weight is through exercise and the best way to combat aging is healthy diet and lifestyle.

Tips on Choosing the Right Colon Cleanser

Recently, cleaning the colon has become one of the top types of therapies that are being done and recommended by a lot of medical practitioners.

This is probably because that around 50% of the human immune system is located inside the digestive tract and the most important portion is the large intestine.

bloatingBecause of this, when the colon is not functioning properly such that it is not able to absorb the nutrients needed by the body and expel the harmful toxins, it may lead to problems such as constipation, gas problems, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, bad breath, allergies, Premenstrual syndrome, depression, infections, irritability and weight gain.

Good thing that there are a lot of colon cleansing programs that are available to help you remove and scrub out the feces, toxic materials, bacteria and parasites that may be left inside the digestive tract.

Being able to clean your colon and knowing how to clean it properly and well is one of the things that you need to know to be able to remain healthy and fit.

Thus the medical experts spent a lot of years to find the most effective and safe colon cleansers there is.

Choosing the Right Colon Cleanser

Currently there are a lot of colon cleansers in the market. When you start your research for the best colon cleanser, you will be able to realize that there are only a few products that actually work.

Below are the tips on how to carefully choose the best colon cleanser for you.

  • Ingredients

The experts were able to compare the ingredients and its relation to the effectiveness of the individual ingredients.

The ingredients are also rated based on their standard use and latest research related to it for colon cleansing and natural medicine.

They also evaluated the proper length of time in using the ingredient and its dosage.

If these experts have properly evaluated and ingredients and that they are able to conclude that it is safe to use, then it would be safe to say that this certain product is a good and effective colon cleanser.

  • Consumer Reviews

Another good way to know if a certain colon cleanser actually works is through reading the reviews that were written down by the initial consumers.

These people are the ones who are able to tell you if the product is truly effective or not. They will also be able to discuss the side effects that they experienced if any.

  • Trust & Factor Guarantee

The customers are still the one who can attest to this and thus if the consumers are satisfied with their product, they will continue to promote it and the product demand on the market would increase.

  • Price

For most colon cleansers, the price of the product is not usually that expensive. Check the ingredients and consumer reviews if the product is really worth the price.

It is best that you yourself would research on a certain product to be able to know that it is indeed safe and effective.

Meridia Diet Pill

There are now a lot of diet pills in the market nowadays. Because of their numerous numbers, you wouldn’t know which among them you should use to help you in losing weight.

Good thing that the internet provides many information about these diet pills so that when you finally decide to start using a diet pill, it would be able to provide you with many information from the manufacturer and the users itself on how it feels to use that particular diet pill.

Meridia (sibutramine)

MeridiaAmong the many diet pills out there, the diet pill called Meridia is quite common to many people since this has been in the market for quite some time now.

Its popularity among those who wants to lose weight has gained the trust and confidence of many people when they want to use this diet pill.

The mode of action of this drug is to suppress your appetite to prevent you from eating too much whenever you are exposed to a table full of food items.

Thus when you try to eat, you will easily get full and therefore you will no longer eat too much food compared as before.

This diet pill is able to control the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, the two hormones responsible for the satiety levels of the brain. It alters these hormones so that it would be able to help you in your diet by eating less.


Even with the good effects when it comes to weight loss, this product also has its consequences when used by the wrong people.

It has been found out that people who are hypertensive should not use this diet pills since it can elevate the blood pressure.

Many people who are obese and overweight are also hypertensive therefore they should avoid using this diet pill as their partner in weight loss.

For people who are hypertensive and have accidentally used this product, it led them to having heart problems and having stroke episodes.

For people who are not hypertensive, there were also side effects that were observed such as heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

The FDA did not ban this drug but instructed the manufacturers and users to observe the users of this diet pill. It has been advised that once a person experiences side effects, he/she must discontinue using the drug immediately.

Is this pill for you?

Since the risks of using this diet pill is quite dangerous, it is apparent that this pill is not for everyone to use. According to experts, this pill is only good and effective for those people who have a BMI score of more than 30.

Those people who have the risk factors of hypertension, this pill is also not recommended for use. It was also recommended that this should only be used by people who are under 40 years old and do not have any heart diseases.

If you want to use this product for weight loss, it would be smart to consult your doctor first to ensure your safety.

Risks and Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

There is this current hype among men that wants them to increase their testosterone levels.

According to them, by increasing the hormone testosterone, it would make them look manlier and that girls might want them more.

testosterone supplementsIn line with this hype, there are also manufacturers that produce testosterone supplements that will be able to cater this need of men.

However many of these supplements are being sold over the counter and it is quite difficult to tell if these products are actually safe to use or not.

Purpose of Increased Testosterone

The sole reason why a lot of men want to increase their testosterone levels is because they want to increase their muscle mass, increase their level of aggression and also build more their secondary sex characteristics such as their facial hair.

The hormonal supplements would carry out prohormones that will be introduced into the body and these hormones will be then converted into testosterone or testosterone-like hormones in men and then create an effect.

Aside from the production of additional testosterone, it also blocks the hormones that will produce estrogen (yes, even men also have a little amount of estrogen in their bodies) in order to prevent their feminine side from manifesting.

Prohormones and Steroids

By using these testosterone supplements, there will always be side effects that are coupled with it. Many users are not aware of this since most of the reviews that they see on the internet are on the good side.

In reality, these prohoromones of testosterone are a certain type of steroids that will somehow create a potential side effect when taken in great amounts for a long time since this is creating and introducing testosterone in the body by unnatural means.

The typical type of side effects that one may get from taking in these testosterone supplements would be hair loss, having male breasts or gynecomastia, acne, hypertension, prostate enlargement, testicular atrophy or decrease in the size of the testes, liver damage and the loss or decrease of the male libido.

Also the experts have stated that the prohormones are the ones which are more dangerous when compared to using the testosterone supplement directly itself.

Thus if you want to use these testosterone supplements, make sure that what you are using are not prohormones.

You can assure the safety of your pill by making sure that you consult your doctor before trying anything out.

Benefits of Testosterone Supplementation

In some cases, testosterone supplementations also have its benefits and this is by providing medical therapy for those who need it.

For example, men who experiences decrease in libido may take these pills in order to gain it back.

But take note that when they use these pills, they were prescribed by a doctor to be used for a certain dosage in a specific period of time thus they are not for muscle building purposes.

So the bottom line here is if you don’t need these testosterone supplements, then it would better not to take it.

There are other ways for you in order to increase your testosterone levels without taking the more dangerous route.

Busted Myths for Weight Loss

Many people wish to lose weight not because they wanted to have a healthy body but for the reason that they wanted to look good and sexy.

In order to achieve their goal, they would succumb to diet meal plans and intensive exercise training work-outs in the gym just to be able to achieve that beach body that they are looking for.

There are even those who undergo short cuts in losing weight by taking in dietary supplements and skip going to the gym.

If you are one of these kinds of people, you probably have heard many tips and tricks from friends and acquaintances with regards to weight loss.

Some of them are true while some of them are just myths.

So if you want to know if what they told you was real, here are some facts and myths when it comes to losing weight.

  • Starving to Lose Weight

If you just started to decide on losing weight, the first thing that you will probably do is to starve yourself to death. You either skip meals or minimize the amount of food that you eat when compared to a daily basis.

There are some people who even skip eating snacks because they believe that it would make you fatter. However there is actually no truth to this. You don’t have to starve to death in order for you to look slim.

Malnutrition and having a fit body is not the same. Some believe that the more you starve yourself, the more you will crave for food. And if you reach that point wherein you finally want to eat, you might end up eating a lot.

So eat the proper and healthy food items. Couple it also with a good exercising work out and surely, you’ll achieve the body that you are looking for.

  • Healthy Food is Expensive

Another reason on probably many people wish to starve themselves to death is because that the food that is healthy for the body would cost much more money.

There is some truth to this since those stores that sell healthy food items actually price their product quite expensively. But you don’t have to always buy these food items from them.

Fruits and vegetables in the market are actually cheap. You can have these instead and make your own preparations at home.

What you have to do is to add these healthy fruits and vegetables in your meals to be able to feed your both with great and healthy food.

  • Drinking Water will Help You Lose Weight

Drinking WaterThere are some people who believe that going on a water diet will make the slimmer and sexier.

This is quite true however take note that the water is not the culprit for this one. By drinking lots of water, it will simulate the feeling of fullness in your body that would make you believe that you no longer want to eat.

This is good if you are currently having any cravings or if you are hungry.

Raspberry ketone

In the recent times, many people kept on asking about raspberry ketones for weight loss since many famous personalities have promoted the effectivity of this product.

Even in the internet, many articles have presented that this product can indeed help in the losing of weight.

Recently, this product has been labeled as a miracle product because it can help in losing the weight of a person very fast. They even describe it as burning fat in a bottle.

Raspberry Ketones

Many are wondering what a raspberry ketone is.

raspberriesThe primary purpose of raspberry ketones is by providing the raspberries their delicious smell. It is also being used by many cosmetics manufacturer to add scent to their products such as perfume, lip balms and many more.

Raspberry Ketones on Weight Loss

According to the experts and manufacturers, raspberry ketones are able to help in the weight loss because it can regulate the hormone adiponectin.

This hormone is found to be in low levels for those people who are obese compared to those who are not.

What this hormone does is that it increases the usage up of fat for energy. High levels of insulin can also help treat the medical problems such as diabetes type 2.

Aside from the fat and insulin regulation, the raspberry ketone also regulates the hormone norepinephrine which may be able to cause a slight increase of body temperature.

Studies on Raspberry Ketones

In reality, this product has been around the market for almost half a decade. It began in 1960s when this product is being used for the scent of cosmetic products.

However in the recent times, the manufacturers are currently encouraging the people to believe and use this product for weight loss.

Thus there have been those researchers who studied on the effectiveness of this product when it comes to weight loss.

In many studies, they utilized rodents to check the effectiveness of raspberry ketones. Indeed, it was found out that in these rodents, the burning and metabolizing of fat is increased.

It is also able to suppress the fat accumulation most especially in male mice.

When asked on how this product would affect the humans, it is not certain if how it works but since around 85% of the genes of mice and humans are the same, it could be concluded that there would be an effect on humans.

But in reality, the effectiveness of this product in humans is not that certain when it comes to weight loss.

Anecdotal Evidence

Some people are wondering that if the studies regarding the weight loss in rodents are not conclusive in humans, and then why not use the reviews by people who used it.

According to experts, the reports of humans who used this product are subjective and are not considered to be used for conclusion on a scientific basis.

Many have claimed this product to be effective while others have reported side effects. The decision remains to be in each individual if they truly want to try this product for weight loss.

Effective Colon Cleansers

According to medical experts, the digestive tract, most especially the colon, plays a very important role in our body in keeping it healthy.

The colon or the large intestine makes sure that there is a balance of salt and water in the body while the small intestines make sure that our body gets to absorb the right nutrients that it needs.

Also the colon plays a role in being able to get rid of the toxins that we get from eating unhealthy food such as junk foods and fast food items.

If your colon is not able to do these then problems such as diarrhea, constipation, allergic reactions, infections and many more may occur.

With this in mind, the experts have concluded that it would be wise to clean up your colon at least once in a while in order to maintain its health and for it to be able to keep on functioning well.

Since this type of therapy for the colon is becoming popular, there are also many products out there that may help you in increasing your chances of cleaning up your colon well.

Based on the types of ingredients use, the consumer ratings and the price of the product, the following are the products that are considered to be good and safe in cleaning up your colon.

Colonix Program

One very effective and safe to use product to clean up the colon is the product called Colonix. It is considered effective because it uses approximately 40 different natural ingredients that are known to be safe to use for humans in a specific period of time.

Since the products used are natural products then side effects are rare when using the product. Many consumers all over the world have testified that effectiveness of the product that enticing more people to use this product as colon cleanser.

The price range of the product is from $55-88 per month thus making it reasonable for use.

Perfect Cleanse

Another good product for colon cleansing is the The Perfect Cleanse by Garden of Life.

This product contains natural ingredients are presented in three separate products thus when you use this, make sure that you master the routine because proper dosage is the key for this to be effective.

Since this is a relatively new product, consumer ratings are not that as many yet but most of those that would testify believe that this product deserves 3.5 stars rating. Price is $20 per pack.


PuristatThird on the list would be the product called Puristat. This product comes in two forms the tablet and caplet form and contains ingredients that will surely help in colon cleansing.

Many consumers have rated this product and believe that it should get a rating of 3.5 stars too.

However this product is quite expensive at $115 per 21-day period but the manufacturer provides a money back guarantee if the product is not effective for you. So if you want to try the risk then this product would probably be the best for you.